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964 Just Be Rich
548 Adobe charges subscription cancellation fee
409 OpenSearch: AWS fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana
386 Microsoft buys Nuance for nearly $20B
210 The war against money-laundering is being lost
193 Nvidia Unveils Grace: A High-Performance Arm CPU for Use in Big AI Systems
173 Yuri Gagarin: Sixty years since the first man went into space [video]
147 Use console.log() like a pro (2020)
117 Coinbase’s listing may break records
112 Building React and Vue Support for Tailwind UI
101 Show HN: DeepHN – Full-text search of 30M Hacker News posts and linked webpages
87 HSBC bans customers from buying Bitcoin-backer MicroStrategy shares
82 Linus Torvalds says GPL v3 violates everything that GPLv2 stood for (2014)
72 Gitlet.js – Git implemented in 1k lines of JavaScript (2015)
41 Apple's next online-only launch will be April 20, upgraded iPads on tap
25 Depends on Every Package in NPM
15 Progressive Web Apps Are Competing with the Apple App Store
15 Blue Noise in Futhark
11 Ask HN: What other news sources do you use?
9 Car Thing. Spotify’s new smart player designed for your drive
9 Increasing my contribution to Zig to $200/mo
4 Discord for iOS will block users from accessing all NSFW servers
3 SICL – A new Common Lisp implementation
3 Key Perl Core developer Sawyer X quits
0 TIL you can make a C++ object smaller by adding a field
0 An easy to use MTP implementation for your next embedded Linux project
0 Elite philanthropy created vaccine apartheid
0 Why Brave Disables FLoC
0 Wrongfully arrested man sues Detroit police over false facial-recognition match
0 DuckDuckGo Announces Plans to Block Google's FLoC
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