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340 Nomad vs. Kubernetes
335 Former Boeing 737 Max Chief Technical Pilot Indicted for Fraud
247 Gitlab from YC to IPO
122 Carp – A statically typed Lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications
118 How to win at CORS
111 Tether Discussion featuring Bennett Tomlin and George Noble
73 Implementing form filling and accessibility in the Firefox PDF viewer
68 Open source is coming to financial services
68 Show HN: Munchy, a search engine to discover recipes
46 Hunting down a C memory leak in a Go program
43 Mezzano on Librebooted ThinkPads
39 Functional Algorithms, Verified
23 Deeper Than Pixels: A Reading List on Video Games
20 The Math Behind “Spot It”
19 Redis Cluster Re-Implemented in Rust: Scaling Redis Easily in Kubernetes
15 “Progress” by Aldous Huxley (1928)
15 Agile as Trauma
11 Minias – A mini x86-64 assembler for fun and learning
10 “as_strided” and “sum” are all you need
9 Airplane and the Decline of Comedy
6 U.S. Government already projects $1T deficit every year for the next 10 years [pdf]
5 Oil Companies Placing Big Bets on Pyrolysis Oil
4 The first fully electric Porsche model outsells flagship 911 sports car
3 Non-Toxic Gas to Be Deployed in 100 NYC Locations in Bio-Attack Readiness Test
0 Rambus 2nd Gen RCD chip for DDR5
0 Don’t Worry, These Gangly-Armed Cartoons Are Here to Protect You from Big Tech
0 Wall Street Could Get Four Bitcoin Futures ETFs by Month-End
0 The promise of pills that do nothing
0 Images show how muscles heal themselves after a workout
0 Dozens of Scientists Could Be Fired After Judge Won't Halt Vaccine Mandate
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