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547 Europe's Software Problem
534 Stripe Identity
297 Researchers fear a scenario in which smart speakers feed sleepers subliminal ads
175 Ask HN: How to get back in employment market after working on side projects?
174 Southwest Airlines grounds its entire fleet amid giant computer outage
160 Shortage of air conditioner parts expected this summer
155 Six charged in Silicon Valley insider trading ring
145 How Indian Zoroastrians helped shape modern Iran
127 Johnny Knoxville’s Last Rodeo
101 Show HN: Influence, a Go-inspired 1-minute board game
101 Lego Ideas Typewriter
98 Today we’re eating the winners of the 1948 Chicken of Tomorrow contest
95 Operation Midnight Climax: How the CIA Dosed S.F. Citizens with LSD (2012)
89 Technology Saves the World
76 EFF Browser Tracker Simulator
69 Advanced console.log Tips and Tricks (2020)
63 How to Be a Stoic (2016)
52 Code in ARM Assembly: Registers Explained
47 Unreliability at Scale
43 Stabel: A pure, concatenative and statically typed programming language
28 Scaling Relational SQL Databases (2020)
23 U.S. Antitrust Legislation Would Ban Apple from Pre-Installing Its Own Apps
16 Modulinos in Bash
8 Ask HN: How do you watch over your kids digital gadgets? (Parental Control)
6 ANU breakthrough lets people see in the dark without night-vision goggles
6 I Treated My Unhealthy Gaming Obsession with More Games
3 Recording of the week: A Yanomami ceremonial dialogue
0 The R2: An Autonomous Car Designed to Carry Things, Not People
0 Forget Mesos and OpenStack, Hashi Stack Is the New Next Platform
0 Pokemon manhole covers installed in downtown Tokyo
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