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247 Firefox 67.0 Released
229 The State of Apple's Developer Documentation
219 Bullshit I had to go through while organizing a software conference
145 MicroG – Re-implementation of proprietary Android apps and libraries
140 Facebook and Google pressured EU experts to soften fake news regulations
132 Building a home NAS on a shoestring budget with the Rock64 SBC (2018)
123 Bluetooth's Complexity Has Become a Security Risk
123 Gmail really wants me to say yes
107 Linux apps that run anywhere
96 Letter from an “Anti-School Teacher”
84 Three geeks rescue a 50-year-old IBM 360 mainframe from an abandoned building
84 Niki Lauda has died
73 Nasa’s New UAV Is 80% 3D-Printed
67 Two women programmers played a pivotal role in the birth of chaos theory
58 Huawei's alternative OS to Android set to roll out as early as fall
54 Show HN: Link Drop – Daily newsletter of your bookmarks
46 The Trouble with “Finding Your People” Online
23 Animal cultures: how we've only seen the tip of the iceberg
22 Ask HN: How to performance test React webapps for rendering speed regressions?
19 Price Fixing: The Legal Argument That Could Destroy Uber
18 Pythia: Open-source framework for multimodal AI models
16 Notes on Weight Initialization for Deep Neural Networks
4 It wasn't a tracking pixel, it was actual malware
3 Ready-to-install Python shipped in Windows 10 May 2019 update
2 Stonewall riots 50 years later: 'We were fighting and it was for our lives'
0 Semantic Oscillations: Encoding Context and Structure in Complex Holographic Vec
0 Goto and the Folly of Dogma
0 The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity (2017)
0 Austria’s far-right Freedom Party loses power after video reveals ties to Russia
0 Tails 3.14 Is Out
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