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553 The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM (2018)
398 Twitter funding a team to develop an open standard for social media
384 FUSE for macOS is no longer open source
259 A Thread about Internet Archive's “Silent Killer”
197 Switch to OpenStreetMap
188 Intel’s Manufacturing Roadmap from 2019 to 2029
186 Luxury hotel guests keep stealing mattresses
182 If Logged into Facebook, Oculus VR Data Will Now Be Used for Ads
178 Police conducted search in the Nginx office due to a copyright claim
146 Facebook Pledges $130M to Fund “Supreme Court” for Content
110 Using Clojure for Web Apps
104 Lots of bugs in 32-bit x86 Linux entry code
87 Fractional Shares
83 Sonos requires access to your location to install a Sonos system
68 Abstreet: Traffic simulation game written in Rust
59 The Feedback Fallacy
59 Software Library: MS-DOS Games
57 Getting Drivers for Old Hardware Is Harder Than Ever
52 “My Car does not start when I buy Vanilla Ice Cream” (2015)
52 FastMRI initiative releases neuroimaging data set
33 FTC Weighs Seeking Injunction Against Facebook over How Its Apps Interact
24 Guide to Retargeting Someone Else’s Website
16 First mathematical proof for a key law of turbulence in fluid mechanics
5 According to the TÜV the Cybertruck won't be legal to drive in Europe
3 Qt 5.14 Released
3 Continuous Integration and Deployment with Bazel
0 A Man Who Never Was (2010)
0 PostgreSQL 12 Explain Settings
0 Walter Benjamin's Last Work
0 Statistical paradoxes for sharping your Bayesian skills
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