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503 Toward a “modern” Emacs
326 Swift System Is Now Open Source
193 On not choosing WordPress for the W3C redesign project
189 First Evidence of a Planet in Another Galaxy
165 Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums 2003 vs. 2012 vs. 2020
148 Cloudflare keeps sending emails over a year after account was cancelled
146 Cement is the source of 8% of the world's CO2 emissions (2018)
128 BBC Sound Effects made available to download for use under RemArc Licence (2018)
119 A Short Story for Engineers
69 Randomized Living
61 Newfound brain structure explains why some birds are so smart
60 James Gosling: Java, JVM, Emacs, and Computing History [video]
55 The bridges portrayed on Euro banknotes aren't fictional anymore
31 All you need is λ, part one: booleans
26 Make Him a Suspect: Rochester PD's Response to Killing of an Unarmed Black Man
20 The first appearance of a real computer in a comic book
19 US probe to touch down on asteroid Bennu on October 20
18 LibreDWG: “Plans are to add support for SolveSpace, OpenSCAD and PythonCAD”
14 The Endless Frontier Act
13 Blueberry Compound May Provide New Inflammatory Bowel Disease Therapy
12 FedEx teams up with Reliable Robotics on autonomous cargo planes
9 Inside a counterfeit analog multiplier
7 Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Libraries (2017)
6 Open Source Foundation for Application Security
6 My Hacking Adventures with Safari Reader Mode
5 Seeing our own reflection in the birth of the self-portrait
3 How scientists resolved the mystery of Devil’s Corkscrews (2019)
2 The Warmth of a Lost World
0 Bitcoin, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and the Future of Money
0 Richard Feynman's Advice to Steven Wolfram
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