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285 Many Americans who live paycheck to paycheck blame debt
250 Oregon passed sweeping housing crisis laws
214 Building the New
128 Ex-Microsoft dev used test account to swipe $10M in store credits
120 Alaska’s Engineering Colleges Prepare to Slash Programs, Lay Off Faculty
118 PHP 5 and 7.0 end of life
115 Show HN: I built a service to discover rapidly growing Google search topics
94 Drug cartels use dollar bill serial numbers as random keys for delivery receipts
94 Talk: An open-source commenting platform focused on better conversation
84 From South Korea to Malaysia, ‘smart cities’ turn to ghost towns
72 Wall Street’s Trading Desks Endure Worst First Half in a Decade
71 After man says dog dewormer cured his cancer, researchers look into treatment
61 Setup VS Code for Efficient PHP Development
49 Cities Want 'Digital Twins' to Manage Traffic
39 Court Filings Say Corporations Fed Opioid Epidemic
35 How to download and use the DEA pain pills database
34 Design Patterns in Dynamic Programming (1996) [pdf]
30 Slug: Dynamic GPU Font Rendering and Advanced Text Layout
29 Samba versus SMB: Adversarial interoperability is judo for network effects
27 Google Chrome is ditching its XSS detection tool
21 Someone is still maintaining the Space Jam website
16 Simone de Beauvoir, The Art of Fiction No. 35 (1965)
15 Manticore: A Symbolic Execution Framework for Binaries and Smart Contracts
11 Auden’s Grumpy Moon Landing Poem
4 Models of Generics and Metaprogramming: Go, Rust, Swift, D and More
3 Denis Diderot wonders if the grass could be greener (1770)
2 BRIN Index for PostgreSQL: Don’t Forget the Benefits
0 Science Fiction Sent Man to the Moon
0 Vim themes with almost no colors
0 Roswell: A launcher for a major Lisp environment that just works
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