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745 With remote work plan, Facebook dashes hopes of paycheck arbitrage
706 Ask HN: If you could work remote where would you live?
389 Jepsen Disputes MongoDB's Data Consistency Claims
277 Breathing habits are related to physical and mental health
212 Multi-node TimescaleDB is now free
156 One-Word Domains
126 The Ten Commandments for C Programmers (1987)
112 Peer Review
88 Running Lisp in Production (2015)
76 Back of the envelope estimation hacks
52 Scientists baffled by decision to stop a pioneering coronavirus testing project
51 Immutable Databases
46 NSA “precomputed contact chaining” enhances phone-record tracking program
41 Let’s Draw Together
39 The Chiral Puzzle of Life
39 Scaling SQLite to 4M QPS on a Single Server (EC2 vs. Bare Metal)
35 A list of the 5000 most commonly used domain prefix/suffix
30 Show HN: FizzBuzz purely in Rust's trait system
14 Barrier = Single keyboard/mouse solution for controlling multiple machines
8 Testing Distributed Systems with Deterministic Simulation (2014) [video]
6 What Is Truth and How Do We Know?
3 Open Letter on “confidential” dealings in Facebook [GDPR] case
3 Cloudflare: Making DNS record changes more reliable with confirmations
2 Bitten by a Snake
0 Why do we keep praising Silicon Valley for reinventing the wheel?
0 Effortless API Request Caching with Python and Redis
0 On the Observability of Pauli Crystals in Lithium
0 Broadword Implementation of Rank/Select Queries [pdf]
0 Show HN: Preemptive Multitasking on an AVR Microcontroller
0 Why Covid-19 may be less common in children than adults
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