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323 Thomas Sowell interview
275 Laws of UX
228 Why aren’t we talking more about airborne transmission?
226 Why I still use an old PowerPC Mac
161 Bjarne Stroustrup Weighs in on Distributed Systems, Type Safety and Rust
158 Briar Project
121 Mastodon 3.2
103 Pleroma: A Mastodon-compatible open and federated social networking server
100 Tailwind CSS: From Side-Project Byproduct to Multi-Million Dollar Business
98 One-Third of New York’s Small Businesses May Be Gone Forever
95 Illustrated Self-Guided Course On How To Use The Slide Rule
90 Show HN: Brick, a free Notion-like tool for zero-hassle site making
69 KLM to Lay Off 5k Employees Due to Covid-19
62 Show HN: High performance X11 animated wallpapers
50 An Email got us $5k in AWS Credits
24 MNT Reform open source laptop with trackball
15 Breaking into ASOS
12 Show HN: Add video subtitles on the fly from plain text
11 Anachro-PC – The Anachronistic Personal Computer
6 Trump Says U.S. Should Get Slice of TikTok Sale Price
5 OpenDyslexic: A Typeface for Dyslexia
4 How to Pretend That You Are Smart
2 Leadership Development Is a $366B Industry: Most Programs Don't Work
2 Virgin Galactic reveals initial vehicle design for high speed travel
0 Cleverer Automata Exist
0 Beating the bookies with their own numbers
0 Persuasion on networks
0 Linus Torvalds pines for header file fix but releases Linux 5.8 anyway
0 What RN is missing in order to be the default framework to build apps
0 The UX of Lego Interface Panels
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