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584 Firefox lost 50M users since 2019
330 The recycling myth: A plastic waste solution littered with failure
238 “Safari's buggy” is valid criticism, “Safari's behind Chrome in features” is not
215 Why printers add secret tracking dots (2020)
208 Where has all the productivity gone?
119 I built a business that lets me live on the beach full time
110 Restaurant prices in the 19th and 20th centuries (2009)
100 Show HN: Micro HTTP server in 22 lines of C
81 Sorbet Compiler: An experimental, ahead-of-time compiler for Ruby
55 London’s Crossrail Is a $21B Test of Virtual Modeling (2016)
47 Catalytic converter thefts in California: Why they are everywhere
45 Air – Live reload when developing with Go
22 The Retrocomputing Archive
22 An Elastic Model of the Holding Power of Rock Climbing Anchors
21 Show HN: Viewfinder – Virtualized browsers for your web app
20 ASCII Play
18 TheBoard: Collaborative Whiteboard powered by matrix protocol and infrastucture
12 Reprogrammable Satellite Launched
11 Recursion in SQL Explained Visually (2020)
7 Clusterboard A64 Insidious Reset Problem: Solved
2 Rebracketing
0 Tencent shares fall as Chinese state media brand online games ‘spiritual opium’
0 BBS the Documentary
0 SOAP and REST At Odds (2017)
0 Nauka module’s near miss raises concerns about future of space station
0 Princess Latifa campaigner had ‘phone compromised by Pegasus spyware’
0 The Emerging Wild Card in the Trial of Elizabeth Holmes: Theranos Patients
0 DirectStorage Developer Preview now available
0 The Great Myth of the Medieval Tritone Ban
0 Microsoft MakeCode
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