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428 Blizzard Cancels Overwatch Event
291 Counterfeit books “shipped and sold by Amazon”?
205 Americans Now Need at Least $500k a Year to Enter Top 1%
201 My Letter to the Editor of New York Times Magazine
180 Raising severity to serious for some Python 2 leaf packages with no Python 3
128 NASA engineer's 'helical engine' may violate the laws of physics
86 The Acid Farmers
82 Face-recognition technology is the new norm
81 U.S. carried out secret cyber strike on Iran after Saudi oil attack: officials
69 Bjarne Stroustrup Answers C++ Questions
46 What the Hell Was Modernism?
46 Solving the Rubik’s cube with a robot hand
33 Show HN: Policy_sentry, an AWS IAM Least Privilege Policy Generator
21 Apache Arrow Flight: A Framework for Fast Data Transport
20 Rustup 1.20.0
18 Turkey ‘effectively holding 50 US nuclear bombs hostage’ at air base
17 Google SVP Hardware: I'd disclose smart speakers before guests enter my home
16 We bet you $10K that we will outperform your pricing strategy
15 SoftBank Plans $5B Rescue Financing for WeWork
13 Perception of musical pitch varies across cultures
10 Show HN: Interactive visual solver for the traveling salesman problem
5 The FCC has voted to approve the T-Mobile-Sprint merger
2 It’s Time to Get over That Stored Procedure Aversion You Have
0 The Triumphs and Tribulations of Towboats on the Mississippi River
0 Zuck says cloud computing is too expensive
0 Illinois red-light cameras have collected more than $1B from drivers since 2008
0 “Ads Inc.” used “rental” Facebook accounts to scam Boomers out of millions
0 Show HN: Jet, a CLI to Transform Between JSON, EDN and Transit Inspired by Jq
0 Why Are U.S. Nuclear Bombs Still in Turkey?
0 How to Build a Stripe Billing Onboarding Flow Using Node.js and React
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