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389 Anti-union activity is heating up ahead of Google contractor's vote to unionize
267 Amazon orders 100K electric delivery trucks from Rivian
201 America’s Great Climate Exodus Is Starting in the Florida Keys
146 Google is investing $3.3B to build clean data centers in Europe
144 A Gentle introduction to Kubernetes with more than just the basics
143 The U.S. economy is growing and using less and less stuff to do so
121 Increased sedentary behaviour alters metabolism and body composition (2018)
113 The Pragmatic Programmer, 20th Anniversary Edition
105 Trillion-dollar coin
64 Australian universities are accused of trading free speech for cash
59 The C4 model for visualising software architecture
50 Lectures in Quantitative Economics with Python [pdf]
49 Show HN: A dbg(...) macro for C++
47 An interactive cheatsheet tool for the command-line
46 The longer it has taken, the longer it will take (2015)
32 CIA Photo Taken Just Before Its Operatives First Entered Afghanistan After 9/11
29 The Psychology of Colour
22 Async.h – asynchronous, stackless subroutines in C
17 Show HN: cq – Query CSVs using SQL
13 What can a software developer do about climate change?
9 Potemkin Village
6 DoorDash will change controversial tipping model
4 Man jailed for criticizing court system has been acquitted by jury
4 Forecaster: A Graph Transformer for Forecasting Spatial and Time-Dependent Data
4 Facebook Restricts Free Speech by Popular Demand
2 Easily delete all contacts uploaded to Instagram and Facebook
0 Protein tangles linked with dementia seen in patients after single head injury
0 Lightweight (~17KB) React/TypeScript Charting Lib with Storybook Playground
0 Ask HN: Thriving in Information Systems Development/Consultancy
0 The YouTube Revolution in Knowledge Transfer
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