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355 Face ID and Touch ID for the Web
279 What ORMs Have Taught Me: Just Learn SQL (2014)
189 My Eight-Year Quest to Digitize 45 Videotapes
189 Cognitive deficits in people who have recovered from Covid-19
180 Intel exits memory business, sale to Hynix for $9B
169 Using const/let instead of var can make JavaScript code run 10× slower in Webkit
146 Cargo-style dependency management for C, C++ and other languages with Meson
141 Why deep learning works even though it shouldn’t
137 Attempts to make Python fast
116 Odroid-HC4 is a $65 2-bay network attached storage device
95 Tesla Earning Result 3Q 2020
83 Show HN: Bunkerized-Nginx – Nginx Docker image secure by default
83 Fast UTF-8 validation
67 Issue Grooming
40 Java Edition is moving house
28 Tesla Starts Full Self-Driving Beta Rollout
20 Show HN: Mapipedia – Map your geotagged photos
17 Building Netflix's Distributed Tracing Infrastructure
9 LUMI to become the world's fastest supercomputer
8 How to Write a Better Weblog (2002)
7 Show HN: App Performance Monitoring (APM) for mobile apps
5 The TRIPS project: an explicit data graph execution (EDGE) processor
4 Show HN: C++17 RISC-V RV32GC / RV64GC userspace emulator library
4 React v17.0
3 White House pushing no-bid spectrum sale to Thiel-backed Rivada
0 NASA’s Osiris-Rex Successfully Touches Asteroid Bennu
0 The Lezer Parser System
0 GraphQL and REST APIs in seconds with Hypi's low-code back end as a service
0 Announcing NetBSD 9.1
0 When Too Much Concurrency Slows You Down (Golang)
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