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411 Give Me Back My Monolith
214 Dynamic Programming for Technical Interviews
151 Why entrepreneurs are leaving the Bay Area for their next startup
127 Launch HN: Point (YC W19) – First Debit Card with Points
126 The Pyrex Glass Controversy That Won't Die
120 Waffle House Vistas
111 Google’s Nest fiasco harms user trust and invades their privacy
108 Write yourself a Git (2018)
79 XXH3 – a new speed-optimized hash algorithm
78 Amazon Lobbied More Government Entities Than Any Other US Company Last Year
76 How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games (2017)
64 Formula 1: The secret aerodynamicist reveals design concepts
53 YUML – Easy Embeddable Diagrams
31 Before the Internet (2017)
28 Seven Commandments for Event-Driven Architectures
25 Facebook removed 1.5M videos of the Christchurch attacks within 24 hours
23 Launch HN: Nabis (YC W19) – Cannabis Shipping and Logistics
22 Marcel Duchamp Interview on Art and Dada (1956) [video]
19 Show HN: A simple Prolog Interpreter written in a few lines of Python 3
18 Kryofluxing PC Floppies
16 The Branding of Frida Kahlo
11 Ask HN: Has anyone had luck using the Wikipedia data dumps?
10 Curve Matcher
7 Gallery of Early Computers (1940s – 1960s)
6 The U.S.S. Wasp: Torpedoed, Scuttled, Sunk and Now Found
6 The worst bugs (C++)
5 Show HN: Small, secure Nginx Docker image
2 Clarifying the differences between what animals and humans hear
0 Weekly Robotics #30
0 Show HN: Unicode Trust on First Use
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